Joe and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for quite a long time. He never knew he was suffering from low testosterone. Upon visiting a physician for examination, he was put on a testosterone replacement therapy, which had been associated with a lower sperm count. So he had to do some intensive research on how he could increase the volume of semen he ejaculated, which is one of the ways that could increase his sperm count.

Thanks to Joe’s commitment. After doing lots of research, he decided to try some supplements like vitamin D3, folic acid, and zinc to increase his ejaculation volume, which worked incredibly well. There are a lot of individuals who may be suffering similar symptoms like Joe. In this article, we discuss some of the measures on how to increase the ejaculation volume Joe used to crack the hard nut.

Stay Hydrated with Coconut Water

Staying hydrated can have a positive effect on the volume of ejaculation. Inadequate consumption of water can affect the functions of your body entirely, including even your semen. Taking coconut water can increase semen bearing more sperms with a significantly reduced amount of abnormal sperms.

Do Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can increase levels of testosterone and boost the volume of semen. Research shows that men who exercise regularly have high testosterone levels and better quantity and quality of semen, unlike those inactive. However, too much activity may also result in an adverse effect of reduced testosterone. If you are one of the inactive fellows and want to boost your ejaculation volume, make physical activeness your habit.

Take Folic Acid together with Zinc and Vitamin D3.

Zinc is an essential mineral when it comes to cellular metabolism. It is primarily found in animal foods, like eggs, meat, and fish. Consuming the right amount of zinc increases the testosterone levels and the quality of sperms. Zinc can be more effective when used together with folic acid and vitamin D3, which will increase the volume of semen and increase the fertility rate. Professionals recommend that one should use 15 mg of zinc sulfate combined with 1 mg of folic acid.

Relax and Relieve Stress

Sometimes we experience life challenges that are accompanied by much stress, but you should try as much as possible to avoid them as a man. There can be more to it than just lacking the mood to have sex. According to studies, prolonged stress boosts cortisol levels, which affect the production of testosterone negatively. When you encounter stress, you can employ any relaxation technique to facilitate your moods.

Several measures can help boost your ejaculation volume but keep in hand that the amount of semen in you always go in hand with your health generally. Therefore, anything that enhances your health is likely to boost your volume of semen. Click here for more tips on how to increase ejaculation volume.