Dome Days

Join us for Dome Days 2013: “Bringing Bucky Home”

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A Better Place is a sound installation and performance piece that posits a fictional conversation between two of the 20th Century’s better-known aspirational thinkers, John Cage and R. Buckminster Fuller. The basic sound materials used are recordings of each man’s voice: Fuller’s lectures on the World Game at Southern Illinois University in 1966, and Cage reading from his text “Diary: How to Improve the World (You’ll Only Make Matters Worse)”. Of this latter text, Cage said, “I began the Diary optimistically in 1965 to celebrate the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, his concern for human needs and world resources, his comprehensive scientific designs for making life on earth an unequivocal success, his insistence that problem solving be continuously regenerative …” Instead of creating a literal dialogue, the pitches and rhythms of the simultaneously spoken words form interference patterns that organize and disperse in a variety of sonic structures.

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