The RBF Dome NFP

The RBF Dome NFP was formed on July 16, 2002 by a small group of local volunteers who believed that the Fuller Dome Home in Carbondale, Illinois was an extremely important historic artifact which should be preserved for the appreciation and education of future generations.

In September 2002, SIUC Emeritus H.F.W. 'Bill' Perk, colleague of Buckminster Fuller and owner of the Fuller Dome Home, donated the property at 407 S. Forest Avenue to RBF Dome NFP. Shortly thereafter we began working to make the RBF Dome Home Museum a legal reality.

Our Efforts

Through our efforts, the Dome Home has been recognized as a Carbondale Historic Landmark.

In addition, we wrote a text amendment to the Carbondale R-1 Zoning ordinance that would allow us to use the Fuller Dome Home for receptions, as a meeting space, and a bed and breakfast.

Finally, we applied for and received a Special Use permit for the property to act as a home museum once the preservation effort is complete.

Education & Outreach

The Fuller Dome Home is committed to educating the public about the ideas and solutions of Buckminster Fuller. Nearly half of the board consists of current or retired SIUC faculty.

Who we are

The Fuller Dome is a project of RBF Dome NFP, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring Buckminster Fuller's legacy. Our vision is to further Bucky's work, principles, and commitment to addressing the world's most basic needs by preserving his artifacts and providing programing in the spirit of Fuller's hope for "omni-successful education and a sustenance of all humanity."

The Fuller Dome is led by a Board of Directors comprised of educators, architects, designers, artists, retired emeriti, community organizers and leaders representing a diverse confluence of individuals who are dedicated to manifesting Bucky's ideals today.

We work to:

...preserve the original dome home of R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett-Fuller located at 407 South Forest Ave. in Carbondale, Illinois...

...grow and operate a "home museum" in the preserved Fuller Dome Home that chronicles the years that Buckminster Fuller and his wife Anne lived in the dome in Carbondale...

...increase awareness of the principles, philosophies and artifacts discovered and created by Buckminster Fuller, and...

...share Fuller’s principles, philosophies and artifacts with the youth of the world through educational and grant programs.

We would like to amplify the positive message of hope for the success of all humanity that was at the core of Fuller’s philosophy.

Board Members

Jon Davey

Thad Heckman
Vice President

Steven Schauwecker

Peter Szczesniewski

Jay Needham

Bill Perk
Founding Member

Shannon McDonald

Judy Ashby

Advisory Board

Allegra Fuller Snyder
Thomas Zung
Joe Clinton
Jay Baldwin
Shirley Sharkey
Medard Gabel


Jon Davey, President
jdavey [at]

Web Team

Christophe DuPunt
Web Developer

Rafal Kos
Web Developer